Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ibiza and Formentera

A few months back, Charlotte Tilbury launched these aptly named cream blush/lip/bronzer duo products called Beach Sticks, named after gorgeous sunny and sandy locales the world over. I had hit the point in Winter, where I was  so pale and sallow that I looked ill. Some people look pale and interesting. I look pale and ill. These cream sticks were so easy to use, first you start with Ibiza, which is a bronzer, and you draw it all over the high points of the face, then you tap it in to blend. I can't even begin to explain to you the amazing quality of this formulation, it literally melts into your skin. Then, I follow with Formentera, which gives a little sunburnt rosey-ness to the cheeks and the lips. The result is super natural-- like you've spent a day out in the sun, except you really don't look artificial or like you've rubbed your face with dirt in an effort to look tanned. No oompa-loompa orange, which obviously is a benefit. I think these will be great moving into summer because they will just perfect a natural face. They have good staying power, which is a plus.

Pictured below is how the products look when fully blended. Also note my beautiful best friend and fellow journalist T, who is gorgeous beyond belief. Maybe I'll start taking more professional photos of my makeup instead of shameless selfies-- but this was the only one I could find that I distinctly remember having used these products.