Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Sophisticate

Hi all! Today is a special post because I'm finally sharing my thoughts on products made by a makeup artist that I am obsessed and I mean, OBSESSED with, the inimitable Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte did something genius in launching her collection, by curating a number of looks, 'Golden Goddess', 'Uptown Girl', 'Ingenue', 'Bombshell', 'Glamour Muse', 'Dolce Vita', and 'The Sophisticate' amongst others. This was a stroke of genius. Why? A woman can look at each collection and see which one she identifies with the most (she ties them to various icons past and present) and choose to buy the whole kit, as well as traditionally buy whichever product suits her fancy. My lovely mother got me 'The Sophisticate' for Christmas, think gorgeous earthy tones, that can go from polished during the day, but dialed up to a sophisticated smokey eye at night. I have thoughts on each product in the kit but I'll try to keep them short. Below are also two shameless selfies I took while wearing the look dialed down (with a snapchat filter tbh) and dialed up for night time (RIP healthy holiday glow)

(1) Full Fat Lashes Mascara- I'm not normally one to buy high end mascara anymore because I always find them disappointing. But this came with the set. I was left disappointed and found it flakey and smudgy despite actually applying beautifully. It does what it claims, but doesn't wear well. I have liked it more since it's dried out, but I wouldn't such splashing out for it, unless you want panda eyes. 
(2) The Classic Eyeliner Powder Pencil in Audrey- This product I go back and forth on. The color is certainly beautiful and less severe than black, but the application is finnicky and I consider myself a champ at a feline flick. You have to sharpen it every time you use it, and I was often frustrated when trying to make the application of pigment on each eye even (sometimes the pencil needs to be warmed up-- too much fuss). I feel frustrated thinking about it. This is another one I would pass on. 
(3) The Sophisticate Eye Palette- Now this is a product I will love forever. I use the top two during the day for some natural definition, but I can amp it up during the night. The formulation is lovely, and although 3 out of the 4 shadows are matte, they blend well. If you want a natural polished palette, with lovely earthy tones, I would highly suggest this one. 
(4) Cheek to Chic Blush in Sex on Fire- Aside from the cheeky name, which I love, the formulation of this bad-gal is a dream. It's a sophisticated rosey shade, and you are supposed to swish the outside ring on your cheekbones, and then pop the center on the cherry of your cheek. Instant sculpting that looks natural and lasts well. No clown face from your blush. We've all been there. 
(5) Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk- I'm not one to line my lips, but this liner is a dream. It's the perfect natural lip color, and just gives a teeeeeeeeensy bit of reshaping where you need it if you're going for a super polished lip look (lipstick and gloss). I think I'm set on this one for life. It's not waxy or drying. Glides on like a dream. 
(6) K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Hepburn Honey- Obviously the name for this is a draw for me. But besides that, it's a gorgeous nude lipstick that doesn't give my super pigmented pout zombie lips. It's very moisturizing and wears well. The packaging makes me feel like a movie star. I will say though, you need to make sure your lips aren't dry or flakey, because this formulation will get gunked up with that and it isn't cute. 
(7) Lip Lustre in High Society- Lastly comes gloss. I don't religiously wear it, but this formulation is worth it. It gives the right amount of shine, but isn't the slightest bit sticky. It's also the perfect pinky nude-- think Rosie Huntington Whitely Pouty. Best of all, it's very compact, and perfect to slip into your clutch for a night out. 

Voila! Much more Tilbury lusciousness  to come, stay tuned. XX Rox

T. McE 04.21.2015

I found this sitting in my drafts, and even thought it has been here for months I have to say, Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift was a brilliant under-eye corrector. It wasn't cakey, and I didn't have to use concealer over it. I used every single last drop possible before it gave out on me. Also I wanted show the world a time when I had temporarily stopped biting my nails. Le Sigh.