Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moisturizer I.MMXV

As part of my product purge, I've been making sure to dip into my sample drawer to use some of those goodies up as well. I had been saving two luxe moisturizers, and I figured, since my skin is as dry as a sandbox in the winter I might as well give these a go. I also blow through hand cream at this time of year like its my job (hand washing + cold air = easily chapped hands). Below are my thoughts.

Darphin Stimulskin Plus Moisturizer-- This moisturizer is  touted as good for normal to dry skin, so I was super excited to delve into it. It's has the most delicious velvety texture, and it's a dream to apply. It literally feels like coating your skin with luxury. Oh and like most Darphin products, it smells subtly divine. Aside from the application, I wasn't really impressed by this product though. I would apply it at night and consistently wake up in the morning with dry, flakey skin (gross, I know). It didn't make me break out or anything, but in terms of paying top dollar for a moisturizer, I don't think I would splurge for this one. It didn't yield any noticeable results and didn't really effectively moisturize either. At almost $300 dollars a tub, that's pretty much unacceptable. Save your pennies for something else.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Repair Day Crème-- In comparison to the Darphin, I absolutely adored this product. It's light and fluffy, like a meringue, but it pacts some serious moisturizing punch. I would put this on before my makeup in the morning and my skin would be dewy and hydrated-- and remain so for the rest of the day. It doesn't tout any radical benefits for your skin, except for making it a little bit more radiant and protecting it from aging factors (i.e. the sun), but it is indeed a very nice product that I would definitely considering purchasing a full-size container of in the future. It's also fragrance free, which is a huge pro, in my humble opinion.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Hand Cream-- I love Laura Mercier's handcreams. They are thick and creamy, but not overly so, and they absorb pretty quickly. Some of the scents are pretty gourmandy though, so I wouldn't recommend if you are averse to the idea of smelling like a dessert. Because boy oh boy, does that scent linger.

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