Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Skincare Favorites Fall 2014

Hello dear readers! Long time, no post-- I know. Lot's of things have been happening. I moved back to the city. I started Graduate School. I turned 23. I survived Reporting Bootcamp unscathed. Until recently, I barely had enough time for normal social interactions, let alone blogposts, but now that I'm adjusted to the ways of Grad School, perhaps the posts will be less sporadic. I can only hope so, because I've missed it. 

Over the past few months, I've really invested myself in my skincare ritual. It is helps me gear up for the day ahead and then wind down at night. Given that I've been running myself ragged, it's a sheer miracle that my skin isn't in a horrendous state. Interestingly enough, I actually get compliments on how my skin looks. I attribute this to the above products. Below is a detailed run-through of both my AM and PM routines and brief reviews of products-- some you've seen before, some you haven't.

1) Cleanse: Coconut Oil or Vasanti BrightenUp! Ezymatic Face Rejuvenator. This step is pretty self-explanatory. I alternate between coconut oil, which is an easy, cheap, multi-use skincare option and the Vasanti exfoliator. Because the Vasanti has exfoliating beads, I don't use it every day, but so far I like it. I especially like that it doesn't have parabens, sulfates, and is 99% natural. Does it make my skin radically brighter? Probably not, but it does the job just the same. I should mention I received this project in my birchbox, so it's a sample size, perfect for testing. 

2) Acid Tone: Pixi Glow Tonic. I've mentioned this product before, and raved about it. I still feel the same way. Last month the Pixi Beauty Website crashed, and my friend T can attest to this, I spent days, DAYS, harassing them on twitter because I was worried I would run out. I'm convinced that this is the most important part of my routine, and if I didn't use it, my skin would be a spotty mess. 

3) Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate. This is yet another product that I received from Birchbox, and I AM OBSESSED. This product is billed to enhance the skin's defenses from both internal and external factors that cause aging. I use it as a serum twice a day, and while I can't attest to whether it's preventing my skin from aging, it really has made a notable difference in the texture of my skin. All around winner in my book.

4) Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Tone Perfecting Eye Gel Crème. Yet another amazing product that I received in my birchbox. I was literally scraping the bottom of this container, this stuff is that good. It's cooling, and really helps with my puffy, swollen eyes in the morning. It's also unscented, which is pretty crucial for me in an eye cream. 

5) REN Global Protection Day Cream. Full disclosure, I received this mini as a gift with purchase, but I'm so glad I did, because had I not, I would not have tried it. This cream is lovely. The scent, however, is a little... um, musky? I don't know, it just smells earthy, which typically isn't my thing. But that is not surprising because REN is famous for their all natural, no nasty ingredients approach. They claim that this cream makes your skin less sensitive over time. And while I don't buy that for a moment, this feels luxurious, doesn't break me out and keeps my skin moisturized all day. 

1) Caudalie Cleansing Water. I've been using this to remove my eye makeup at the end of the day. A lot of bloggers say that this is a dupe for the Bioderma Micellar Cleansing Water. In my opinion it isn't. It's not the worst eye makeup remover I've ever used, but I do feel like it irritates my eyes. I won't be repurchasing. Different strokes, different folks. 

2) Dermalogica Precleanse Oil. Yet another gift with purchase. Yet another item I would not have purchased because it is scented, and has essential oils, which can irritate my skin. However, that hasn't been the case with this luxurious product.  A few drops goes a very, very long way, and it removes the majority of my makeup before my second cleanse. 

3) Clinique Take the Day off Cleansing Balm. I don't think I will ever be without this product. I love it that much. Simple, no fuss, leaves you cleansed but not stripped. If they ever discontinue this product, I honestly don't know what I will do. 

4) Repeat steps two, three and four from the morning. 

5) Darphin Soin D'Arôme au Jasmin. I found this old sample in my makeup bag and I decided to give it a whirl. The scent is exactly that of sleep. And I don't look like an oil slick after I put it on. I can't say it has changed my life, but the aromatherapy benefits definitely make this product enjoyable. Plus, it's Darphin. Lush.