Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vintage Green

We all carry history with us. Perhaps this is why I have always felt such a strong connection to vintage items-- imagining the lives of those who owned them before me. I love the idea of carrying those stories with me as I live mine, so to speak. In that I find deep comfort. So, when a very lovely friend of mine (Hi Jess!), approached me a few months back (as evidenced by my translucent complexion) about showcasing a few pieces from the amazing vintage jewelry line that she works for, of course I jumped at the chance.

Vintage Green was quite literally born of an inherited passion and skill-set. Georgia native, Edith Anne Hunt, repurposes vintage and antique pieces into fresh unique designs, that effortlessly bring glamour and polish, without seeming dated.  That unique fusion of both modern wearability, yet timeless beauty, for me at least, speaks to our ability to punctuate our own stories with unique treasures, without forgetting the beauty of the past.

Take a peek at their newly launched website,, I think everyone will find something that strikes their fancy. I seldom wear my tassel necklace without receiving scores upon scores of compliments! Congratulations to Edith Anne and Jessica on the launch of this new venture, I'm wishing you oodles of infinite success and joy!xx

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