Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rêveries Nocturnes

Sleepshirt and PJ set: J.Crew.

I have to say upfront that this post was inspired by not one, but two Audrey Hepburn films, and arguably her most famous ones, Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's. In her first major motion picture, Audrey captured the hearts of her viewers as the endearing Princess Anne, a young woman who wants nothing more than to experience life as a normal woman, and wear pajamas. I have mentioned it before, but I love a good pair of jammies. Arguably, my favorite time of day is when I get to put on a pair of comfy pj's and veg out before I turn in for the evening at around 9:45. I was born a geriatric patient-- it's not my fault. Anyways, all Princess Anne wants is to be able to wear a pair of pajamas, which she eventually gets to do, in one of the most iconic "meet-cutes" in motion picture history (at least in my opinion). It should come as no shock then, that I adore sleepwear, because Audrey set the standard. There's just something about a nice pair of matching pj's-- it just does it for me. I recently purchased this crisp pair of robin's egg blue cotton jammies from J. Crew (currently on sale, I believe)-- they will be perfect for my upcoming vacation and the warmer months which I am willing closer day by day. Audrey also went on to set another sleepwear standard, raising the bar for all of us ladies as the lovably lost Holly Golightly. She meets her romantic interest while wearing a white sleepshirt, inspiring the envy of many a lady, who could only hope to look as amazing when she is awoken from a deep slumber after a late night out, to meet her love interest. Hollywood may have set some unreasonable standards for women, but the practice of looking put together when heading off to sleep just calls back to a more classic time. Perhaps I'm buying into a cinematic myth, but  I love my new additions to my after-hours wardrobe. After-all, I may be indulging in a film-culture fantasy, but you're never too old to dream, so why should you look like a slob while doing so?

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