Monday, February 10, 2014

Penultimate Lip Care

Penultimate Lip Care

Penultimate Lip Care by rcadamiyatt featuring lip care

I am what you might call a lip product philanderer. The bottoms of my handbags are quite literally littered with scorned and dejected lip balms, which I have replaced with whatever shiny new product that has become the object of my affection. You name it, I've probably tried it. However, my longtime love, in terms of lip treatments, is my tried and true Nuxe Rêve de Miel. Living up to its name, its a dream come true. We first crossed paths while I was summering in Provence at the age of 9, and was suffering from a particularly grotesque case of chapping-- I will spare you an image, I had just entered into the awkward phase of my adolesence... Need I say more? Anywho, a decade later, fate brought this magical treatment back into my life. It has the perfect consistency, it's cushiony and delicious, but not shiny. Slap some on before bed and your pout will be perfectly conditioned come the time you slam on the "snooze" button the next morning. And while this is my "holy grail" bedside staple, it is too clunky to be a practical when on the go, not to mention it comes in a tub which means you have to stick your finger in it... ick, not the slightest bit hygienic. Enter the apple of my wandering eye (chuckle chuckle)... Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturizer. I stumbled upon this quite accidentally, first when a lovely friend of mine brought it back from a transcontinental flight, and then a few days later when I found a mini lying around the sample drawer at home. Love at first swipe. Unlike its comparable alternative offered by Kiehls, this balm has weight, and doesn't just evaporate off of the lips. It actually lasts, and can be layered for a more glossy affect-- yet it isn't gloopy either. But what really has me singing its praises is the fact that it keeps my lips feeling content when I'm out and about, and I don't have to incessantly reapply without making any real improvements in the comfort of my kisser. Is this self-professed lip product tarte on the way to monogamy? Within reason, of course,  I will never give up my Nuxe. Only time will tell...

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