Friday, January 17, 2014


The months after the holiday frenzy are typically cold and quiet. After a flurry of festivities,  I typically settle in a rhythm that consists of more long soaks in the tub, movie nights, and cozy things that don't require being excessively social. The seasonal chill allows me to justify my grey gardens/hermit-like existence. Along with these cold-weather extracurriculars comes my part and parcel candle burning ritual. During the winter, I gravitate to warm fragrances, as opposed to fresh or floral ones. My personal favorites? Diptyque Figuier and Ambre. A few months back, The Times did a profile on expensive candles and the cult following that the brands have developed. Diptyque in particular is considered the upper-crust candle brand of choice-- found in the homes of many a tastemaker. They don't advertise, and their marketing relies on word of mouth. Why? They don't need to. Everything from the packaging to the ingredients of the candles are of the finest quality and caliber. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also smell divine. Their scent throw is wonderful, and they have even burns which means they last. Go on The Coveteur and you'll see that their site is littered with images from various style mavens' homes including the brands eponymous, sleek packaging. These candles smell heavenly with price tags to match. In french, the word "bougie" means candle, and in the case of diptyque, it should come as no shock that the candles are synonymous with chic, well-to-do luxury. 

Figuier is a lovely warm scent that has woody notes as well as fruity undertones (which goes without saying because it smells of figs). The best way to describe it is a reminder of the warmer days to come. When I'm not burning that or Ambre, I have also been burning Laura Mercier Fresh Fig, which is fruitier, but still delicious. While people might scoff at the notion of literally burning away their money, investing in a quality candle can improve the atmosphere of your surroundings and the ritual can usher in your post work-day wind-down. Call me a bougie, bougie convert, I'm totally hooked.  


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