Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Skincare Sleuth: Sinister Ingredients

Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It's in everything from your toothpaste, to your shampoo, to your skincare. It's so commonplace that you've probably never paid it any bother. Well, friends, let me tell you, this ingredient is sabotage bottled. As I've mentioned before, I have dry, sensitive skin, and not to state the obvious, but I'm a beauty junky that is constantly testing new lotions and potions. A few months ago I decided to purchase Clean and Clear's Morning Burt Brightening Facial Cleanser (pictured above).  The bottle touts that it will brighten and refresh, rendering you wide-eyed and fresh faced, ready to start your day. After about two tries, I can tell you that this claim is complete and utter nonsense. Both times I tested it, my face was dry, tight and felt uncomfortable all day-- despite having followed up with heavy duty moisturizer. This prompted me to take a sneaky peak at the ingredient list. Low and behold, ingredient number two? SLS, of course. Then I googled it. The search results were not pleasant, and that's putting it kindly. Essentially, SLS is a surfectant, or foaming agent, that is put in body products to create a sudsy lather, and re-enforce to us subconsciously that they are effectively cleansing our bodies. In actuality, this ingredient is classified by the FDA as an irritant, and has been found to be quite corrosive and harmful to one's skin. Here's the truly shocking part: it's not just in your skin, it's also found in garage floor cleaners, engine de-greasers, and car-wash soaps. Talk about multi-purpose! It can be used to clean your face and your car! Unsavory, to say the least. Following my discovery, I decided to phase out sulfates in my skincare regime (the finessed routine will inevitably make an appearance on this blog, no doubt). I have replaced foaming cleansers with the Boot's Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm (pictured below), and while this product too has its drawbacks, in a mater of weeks I saw an improvement in the condition of my skin. Dry patches and redness all but disappeared. I can't make the claim that this small change will solve your every skincare woe, but hopefully awareness about this sinister skincare ingredient might help your daily routine be a little more beneficial to your skin. After all, we only get one face, so we best take the proper care of it. 

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