Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ladylike Head to Toe

Any nail-biter will tell you that the process of quitting is seldom a simple feat. Yet, month after month, failure after failure, we try and try again. In the past I have weened myself from my habit by regularly scheduling manicures. But, the second I give myself a little wiggle room... into my mouth my digits return. Lately I've had a wild, girlish fling with painting my nails in between my appointments, when my polish is looking less than fresh.  Essie Ladylike, a new addition to the permanent collect and an ironic nod to my attempt to halt my un-ladylike habit once and for all, has become the apple of my eye during this fling.  It's not a nude polish-- its an opaque mauve. It's at once, grey, pink, lavender and nude and a true neutral with a creamy finish. It adds color to your tips without giving you dead-looking doll hands, while also remaining subtle enough to not show wear and tear after a few days. Inky nails certainly have their appeal, but boy, do they have a tendency to look manky and disgusting quickly. So, into my regular rotation Ladylike has gone, for those in-between days. Fingers crossed that this chic shade and regularly touching up my nails will have my horrible habit kicked to the curb by the holidays and into 2014. EEEK, how time flies!

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