Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

In an effort to change things up on the blog, I've decided to include some of my daily routines, mostly because I am incredibly nosey and find these things really interesting when it comes to other people. If I am in your house, I will find your makeup bag/medicine cabinet/beauty stash and go through it. I have boundary issues, sue me. But enough nonsensical babbling, let's get down to business. When I return from work, I typically remove all of my makeup, bathe, and embark on a nightly routine that helps me unwind for a peaceful night's rest. This typically involves me burning a candle. Lately, It's been a nameless candle from Penhaligon's of London, which I like because it's purple and smells yummy. I stole it from the library in my house (sorry, Dad). First thing's first, I slather myself in moisturizer. My body cream of choice, as of late, has been the Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé Body Cream which is heaven. Heaven in a delightfully pretty glass jar (which can be re-purposed once you're through with the product). I suffer from dry skin, and this seems to nick the flakey, dry, itchy side effects of the cooler temperatures, right in the bud. The I proceed to my Soap and Glory Heel Genius Foot Cream/Mask, which, as the name denotes, is genius. You will have the softest feet, every single morning when you use this nightly. It has fruit enzymes that exfoliate while you sleep. So cozy up my toesies in a fluffy pair of socks, I do, and I wake up every morning to silky, smooth feet. The scent of this product, however, a combination of fruity and minty, with a serious bite, leaves something to be desired. But, for now, I can deal with it. Next, I wash my hands, sometimes twice, to get rid of the less than appealing smell of my foot cream, and then proceed to moisturize my hands. I reach for my Soap and Glory Hand Food, which I adore-- this tube was at my desk at work, but has since been replaced by a much larger tube because it is germ season and I have taken to obsessively washing my hands. Hand Food, literally nourishes your dry hands, but doesn't leave them greasy, absorbs quickly and has a lovely scent. You really couldn't ask for more in a hand cream. Next I apply my Kiehl's Cuticle Balm which has been heaven sent. It's a wee bit sticky and emollient, but it soothes irritation and seriously aggravated cuticles, which can be attributed to my seriously un-ladylike habit of biting my nails. Not cute. But, I'm trying to quit. Finallllllly, I slather on a healthy dollop of lip balm. I'm still loving the Nivea Lip Butters--YUM. Then it's time for T.V. or snuggling up to a good book (most of the time television wins that battle, I'm ashamed to say), and off to bed I go. For good measure, I'd also like to add a few other bedtime essentials. Namely, BedHead Flannel PJ's, which I can't live without. I love them so much, I get a pair for Christmas every year. I am a huge advocate for looking put together, even while you sleep. I also like to snuggle up to Lou, my lavender stuffed lavender lamb from the Sonoma Lavender Company. You can microwave them for 10 seconds, which makes them extra snuggly and cozy, and makes your room smell of lavender, gently lulling you to sleep. Lastly, I recently purchased the Therapie Himalayan Detox Salts, which have been said to be "good sleep in a bath. I'm still testing it out (stay tuned for an in depth review), but so far my thoughts are that this luxurious treat lives up to the hype. With that, my bedtime routine is concluded. Sweet dreams, sleeping beauties!

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