Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lip Service Part Deux: Rich Red Lippies

I believe that every girl needs a ravishing red lipstick in her beauty arsenal. Whether you're looking to be festive, look like a chic french girl (red lip, hardly any other makeup), add a pop of color to a monochromatic style, or just change things up from your beauty regimen, a red lipstick is always the perfect standby. I have gone through many a red lippie and the above choices are my favorites. Left to right: Revlon Black Cherry. MAC Dubonnet. MAC Russian Red. MAC Ruby Woo. 

1. MAC Ruby Woo. This lipstick has a cult following and for good reason. A true vintage matte lipstick, it's blue based and super bright. Your teeth will look blindingly white and it literally does not budge. This is a year round staple for me. (For whatever reason these have photographed super pinky-- their real colors are truer red tones)

2. MAC Russian Red. While Ruby Woo is more of a standard staple in my makeup bag, Russian Red is definitely a lipstick I turn to for special occasions. A classic old-hollywood red, this lipstick ensures that you will be notice. I once wore it to a formal and have never received so many compliments on my lipstick. A red-lip that Marilyn Monroe herself would approve of. 

3. MAC Dubonnet: While the two other MAC lipsticks above are matte, this lippie is from the MAC amplified lipstick range. This essentially means that it has beautiful pigmentation, is moisturizing, and has a satiny, lustrous sheen. I prefer this lippie when I'm looking for a darker lip, as it is a true wine color. It looks divine with the autumn color palette, and is truly one of my favorites for when I want a seasonally appropriate luscious lip color. 

4. Revlon Black Cherry: You're probably looking at this and thinking to yourself, "Is she insane? This lipstick is black." And while I pride myself for being adventurous with my makeup, I can say that I don't aim to look goth. On the lips, and apparent in the swatch below, this is a beautiful deep berry color. Amazing for an autumn evening outing for drinks-- you will look polished and glamorous, even if the rest of your makeup is simple and natural. It must also be noted that of all drugstore brands, in my opinion Revlon consistently comes out with the best lipstick formulations.

5. Chapstick Hydration Lock:  Essential to every darker lip color is prep for your lips. Unless you want your lipstick to look mangy and cracked, and just all around icky, I suggest you use a lip balm on your lips while you put on the rest of your makeup, to ensure your lips are plump and moisturized-- perfectly primed for your lipstick. This chapstick happens to contain my favorite ingredient hyaluoronic acid, which sounds scary, but essentially what it is is a molecule that can hold 1000 times its weight in water. It literally grabs onto moisture and binds it to your skin. My holy grail ingredient, I look for it in all of my skincare products. But in this case dry, flakey, cracked lips, be banished! Say hello to perfectly 
smooth and plumped lips that will be ravishingly dressed in red.

Swatches top-to-bottom: MAC Ruby Woo. MAC Russian Red. Mac Dubonnet. Revlon: Black Cherry.

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