Saturday, December 21, 2013

Golden Hour

Coat: Harrods. Dress: Tory Burch. Minaudiere: Rebecca Minkoff. Boots: Stuart Weitzman 50/50. Headband: Barneys. Bracelet: Heirloom. Rings: Caia Jewels, Heirloom, Ippolita. Nails: Formula X for Sephora Shade Curiosity. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Crimson Lips and Tips

As holiday festitivies seem to have kicked themselves into high gear in the last week, I figured I would do a post about my favorite reds for the holiday season. On my nails, I have been pretty much exclusively wearing formula X for Sephora's nailpolish in the shade Curiousity. This formulation is BANANAS. It literally doesn't chip, and stays shiney for ages. Seriously, haul your tushy to your nearest sephora, and pick one of the polishes from this line up (treat yourself). You wont regret it. Next up, tried and true favorite, MAC Russian Red. Old Hollywood Glamour in a tube, is matte without being drying, totally opaque, and makes your teeth look so bright they shine like the top of the Chrysler Building. Lastly, Stila's stay-all-day lipstick in Beso (sample size, received via Birchbox). I have to admit, it's taken me a while to warm up to this lippie. Like most-long wearing lipstick, it can be a bit dry, but I've figured out the perfect layering scheme of lip balm prior to application, which makes for comfortable wear upon your kisser, worry free. It literally doesn't budge. In contrast to the MAC shade, this one has more orange tones, but it is seriously gorgeous and really warms up the complexion-- especially great for when the weather has got you feeling a little lackluster. Below is my "Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial" where I show you how to kick it up a notch for whatever shin-digs you have awaiting you in the coming weeks:

use this link if you want to watch it in the youtube browser:

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Coat: Elizabeth & James. Sweater Dress: Rebecca Taylor. Tights: Wolford Merino Wool in Cream. Boots: Michael Kors. Headband: Forever 21. Lipstick: Burberry Lip Cover in No.32 Sepia Pink

The past two weeks has not been the best for me in terms of general "put together-ness". Let's just say, I might as well have been walking around with a tattoo on my forehead that said "I SURRENDER". I don't really know what it is about the frigid weather (I mean everyone who has lived the past two weeks knows, but thats beside the point), but it leaves me paralyzed. I absolutely have no motivation to get dressed or put on makeup, let alone do anything else. I just want to stay in bed, watch 30 Rock and hibernate, is that too much to ask? Yesterday, I basically forced myself to get it together for the first time in days, and going forward I'm going to try a little harder to not let the weather defeat me. Cold weather should not mean that we resign ourselves to looking like slob-kabob's just because it's easier. If anything it gives us the opportunity to be more inventive with what we wear (layering chunky knits, wools, furs, the list goes on an on). For example yesterday's outfit had great contrast between the chunky knit of my sweater dress, and the finer knit of my tights. Plus, I really went full tilt with the winter white, which was seasonally appropriate and felt festive for the upcoming holidays! If you're feeling inspired or cold, pair a chunky knit with a contrasting fabric-- it will add fabulous dimension to whatever you wear, and when you look fabulous, you feel fabulous, so the weather can't get you down. Dare to put your best face forward while facing the elements, it really does help. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rasberry Beret

Jeans: J Brand. Top: Zara. Pullover: J.Crew. Sweater: Vince. Vest: Macy's Scarf: Lord and Taylor. Beret: Unknown. Boots: Zadig and Voltaire. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Depeche Mode

Dress (worn as skirt): Reformation. Sweater: Loro Piana. Coat: Elizabeth and James. Tights: Wolford Merino Anthracite. Boots: Stuart Weitzman 50/50. Bijoux: The Usual Suspects. Bag: YSL. Lips: Burberry Lip Cover No. 32 Sepia Pink.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Raven

Chambray: J. Crew. Skirt: ASOS. Boots: Zadig and Voltaire. Watch: Hermes. Bracelets: J.Crew. Necklaces: Heirloom. Tights: Wolford Merino

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Let It Slip

Dress: KZ Jersey. Sweater: Autumn Cashmere. Scarf: Lord&Taylor.Tights: Wolford Merino. Boots: Zadig and Voltaire. Coat: Balmain. Bijoux: Cartier. Ippolita. Heirloom. Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Sweater: Autumn Cashmere. Skirt: Reformation. Bag: Miu Miu. Boots: Stuart Weitzman 50/50. Tights: Wolford Merino. Bijoux: David Yurman, Hermes, Cartier, Ippolita, Heirloom. Nails: Chanel Graphite. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ladylike Head to Toe

Any nail-biter will tell you that the process of quitting is seldom a simple feat. Yet, month after month, failure after failure, we try and try again. In the past I have weened myself from my habit by regularly scheduling manicures. But, the second I give myself a little wiggle room... into my mouth my digits return. Lately I've had a wild, girlish fling with painting my nails in between my appointments, when my polish is looking less than fresh.  Essie Ladylike, a new addition to the permanent collect and an ironic nod to my attempt to halt my un-ladylike habit once and for all, has become the apple of my eye during this fling.  It's not a nude polish-- its an opaque mauve. It's at once, grey, pink, lavender and nude and a true neutral with a creamy finish. It adds color to your tips without giving you dead-looking doll hands, while also remaining subtle enough to not show wear and tear after a few days. Inky nails certainly have their appeal, but boy, do they have a tendency to look manky and disgusting quickly. So, into my regular rotation Ladylike has gone, for those in-between days. Fingers crossed that this chic shade and regularly touching up my nails will have my horrible habit kicked to the curb by the holidays and into 2014. EEEK, how time flies!


Dress: Kate Moss for TopShop. Tights: Wolford Merino. Bag: Mulberry. Boots: Stuart Weitzman 50/50. Jews: Heirloom, Cartier, Ippolita. Sunnies: Jeepers Peepers. 

Skincare Sleuth: Sinister Ingredients

Sodium Laureth Sulfate. It's in everything from your toothpaste, to your shampoo, to your skincare. It's so commonplace that you've probably never paid it any bother. Well, friends, let me tell you, this ingredient is sabotage bottled. As I've mentioned before, I have dry, sensitive skin, and not to state the obvious, but I'm a beauty junky that is constantly testing new lotions and potions. A few months ago I decided to purchase Clean and Clear's Morning Burt Brightening Facial Cleanser (pictured above).  The bottle touts that it will brighten and refresh, rendering you wide-eyed and fresh faced, ready to start your day. After about two tries, I can tell you that this claim is complete and utter nonsense. Both times I tested it, my face was dry, tight and felt uncomfortable all day-- despite having followed up with heavy duty moisturizer. This prompted me to take a sneaky peak at the ingredient list. Low and behold, ingredient number two? SLS, of course. Then I googled it. The search results were not pleasant, and that's putting it kindly. Essentially, SLS is a surfectant, or foaming agent, that is put in body products to create a sudsy lather, and re-enforce to us subconsciously that they are effectively cleansing our bodies. In actuality, this ingredient is classified by the FDA as an irritant, and has been found to be quite corrosive and harmful to one's skin. Here's the truly shocking part: it's not just in your skin, it's also found in garage floor cleaners, engine de-greasers, and car-wash soaps. Talk about multi-purpose! It can be used to clean your face and your car! Unsavory, to say the least. Following my discovery, I decided to phase out sulfates in my skincare regime (the finessed routine will inevitably make an appearance on this blog, no doubt). I have replaced foaming cleansers with the Boot's Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm (pictured below), and while this product too has its drawbacks, in a mater of weeks I saw an improvement in the condition of my skin. Dry patches and redness all but disappeared. I can't make the claim that this small change will solve your every skincare woe, but hopefully awareness about this sinister skincare ingredient might help your daily routine be a little more beneficial to your skin. After all, we only get one face, so we best take the proper care of it. 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

This Lady is a Vamp

As promised, I have filmed a video tutorial of how to wear a deep lip color, with three different options. Seasonally appropriate, so rich, and adds so much dimension to any ensemble. Enjoy! xx

(It may help to open it in a different browser to see it bigger, as blogger only lets me insert a video of this size)

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Shirt and Chambray: J.Crew. Skirt: J.Crew(owned it for 9 years). Tights: Wolford Merino Wool in Anthracite. Jacket:Theory. Bag: Miu Miu. Sunnies: Karen Walker. Jewels: J.Crew. Ippolita. Rachel Leigh. Boots: Zadig and Voltaire. Lippie: Burberry Lip Cover Sepia Pink. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Fox

Sweater: Vince. Jeans: Rich & Skinny. Boots: Stuart Weitzman. Stole: Vintage. Bijoux: J.Crew. Coat: Balmain. Nails: Le Metier de Beauté Midnight Rendez-vous. Lippie: Revlon Black Cherry (worn as stain). 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lipstick Mafia: A Call to Arms of Sorts

Left: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Shade 11. Right: Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Shade 09.

I don't know if it's the chilly weather or just the approach of the holidays, but recently I have found myself consistently grabbing for the varying shades of crimson in my beauty arsenal. Don't get me wrong, I've always loved red lipstick, but recently come to realize the true power of painting your pout. I think it all starts when you're little, playing with your mama's cosmetics at her vanity. You smear some lipstick all over your mouth (or face, because realistically, your motor skills aren't that developed), and all of a sudden you feel a little more grown up. I am in my 20's and red lipstick still has the same power to transform my comportment and the way I carry myself as it did when I was a tot. There's a reason red lipstick is associated with the power-house femme fatales of classic Hollywood. As a color, it has the singular power to convey glamour, depth, and strength. On an obvious level, it's hard to miss-- garnering attention, but also communicating power and certainty. Swipe some on and all of a sudden you walk a little taller, your face is a little brighter, and you command the attention of those you meet.

On a given day when I'm feeling down on myself, the bright hues of my lippies help me hold my head high. It has been noted that in times of economic crisis, consumers are less likely to buy costly luxury goods. However, in said turbulent times, it has also been noted that lipstick sales shoot through the roof. This is known as the lipstick effect. Women may not be able to buy a Chanel purse, but they can splash out $36 for a tube of luxury that can comfort them in times of trouble. For me, lipstick, and makeup in general, is not about fashioning myself in a manner that is attractive to the opposite sex, it's about self-expression and doing a little something for myself every single day. Indeed, lipstick has helped me through dark days, and perhaps even helped me assert myself when my confidence has wavered. So, ladies, if life has got you down, in the words of Elizabeth Taylor (a force of nature in her own right), "pour yourself, a drink put on some lipstick and pull yourself together."

If you're feeling hesitant about splurging on a lippie that you may seldom wear, I highly suggest the Kate Moss for Rimmel Matte Lipstick range. These rich  lippies come in a number of shades, and are a genuinely gorgeous formulation-- they go on like butter, and have incredible pigmentation, rivaling topshelf brands in terms of quality. The packaging has Kate's autograph in red, adding a significant cute factor. And they will run you around $6.00 at the cash register. Not to mention, if you are a savvy shopper and look for coupons on new displays in the drugstore, or participate in rewards programs like those at CVS, they can be even cheaper. This past weekend, I picked up two for myself, in shades 09 and 11, which are respectively a beautiful true berry and a cranberry, (very seasonally appropriate-- video tutorial to come... stay tuned) at CVS, where they were running a deal of "buy one get one 50% off" on all Rimmel cosmetics. Cha-ching! I also used a coupon for $1.00 off that I grabbed earlier in the week. This rendered the total damage of my splurge at a whopping, wait for it.... $9.13 and that's including tax! I still feel the buzz from my shoppers high.
 Top: Shade 11 Bottom: Shade 09

Perhaps these tips might inspire you to take the leap and experiment with a red lip. I can only hope it does. You never know, it might bring out something in you that you never knew was there.. Ready, set. paint your pout, then paint the town red!

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Top: Zara. Sweater: J.Crew. Skirt: Reformation. Tights: Wolford Matte Opaque. Shoes: Aerin Laight Pump. Jacket: Theory. Lippie: Stila Beso. Nails: Essie Brooch the Subject.