Monday, September 24, 2012

Military Middleton

Jacket worn as dress: Zara (old but similar ones are available). Bag: Mulberry Tassle Bag. Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Jewels: Alexander McQueen,  J.Crew and Heirloom. Photographs courtesy of Rebekah Lowin.

It is undeniable that Kate Middleton is a modern style icon. Everything she wears flies off the shelves, call it the "Kate Effect" if you will, every girl, including myself wants to get a chance to look and feel like our modern day fairytale princess. I think the most amazing thing about Kate's style, is that while she has the choice of any designer apparel at the snap of her fingers, she repeatedly wears clothing from high street brands such as Zara. Not only that, she also re-wears her clothing. Her style is approachable and that is what makes her so massively appealing. Last year Middleton wore this stunning Alexander McQueen number on an official trip, and I knew I had to have something like it (McQueen was sadly out of my price range, but Zara made a convincing substitute considering Kate dons it all too often). Which brings me to the point of this post, now that the weather is changing I advise wearing a coat as a dress because as Anna Dello Russo once said, "it's unexpected". Use the change of seasons to experiment with your wardrobe and use pieces of clothing in ways you wouldn't ordinarily, it makes you feel like you're wearing something new, and even in some cases, like a princess.

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