Saturday, May 19, 2012

Polka Dot Promenade

Today marks my first of what I hope to be many posts on "Diamonds for Breakfast". As an unabashed girly-girl, with a lot of quirks, I tend to live day by day by the mantra that everyone should get their daily dose of glamour-- regardless of whether they feel glamourous because they are wearing a designer label or something they found at Target. Which brings me to my first ensemble: my very good friend Noura's mother  has taught me that you can never go wrong with polka-dots. While dotted confections appeared everywhere this past fall, Fahda had been rocking them oh so fabulously as a sartorial staple far before they were trendy. I may be putting words in her mouth, but it seems that she sees polka dots as a classically feminine embellishment that instantly makes an outfit more interesting, and I have to agree.

If anything, the above photographs are a testament to the fact that polka dots are not only a timeless staple, but also a wardrobe essential. They can bump up an ensemble from snoozy to sophisticated, but at the same time they dont clash with the neon gingham print blouse that I have layered under my white button down. The instant fun factor added flavor to my outfit, but was not so overly loud that I was upstaging all of the lovely gals at my brother's junior prom. So, while polka-dots may not be in the future collections of every single designer, I think I will follow in Fahda's footsteps and continue to wear polka dots as a personal style staple for years to come.

Top: J Crew, J McLaughlin. Skirt: Forever 21. Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Sunnies: Karen Walker. Jewels: Alexander McQueen, David Yurman, Hermes, Prada, YSL. Handbag: Alexander Wang. 


  1. My mom is going to LOVE this. Polka dots are she and Dylan's favorite thing ever. You look amazing, and can't wait to keep reading xo

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